Friday, 21 October 2016

Resin covered bookmarks tutorial

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my October tutorial made with Rebecca Baer's delicious stencils.
Also I already made a couple of bookmarks before (I am a book worm, so this is my must to craft item), but this time the technique is different and I made them over simple kitchen  foil and covered with a layer of resin to make it like forever.
So here are the steps for this project:
1.  Make three strip of a chipboard in bookmark size and cover them around with a kitchen foil. Use Heavy gel medium (I used Golden, but any heavy gel medium is good) with Rebecca Baer Mosaic Medium size stencil over the all three pieces together. Let the gel medium dry and it takes TIME! 

This is how it looks after you take the stencil off- gel medium is still white. But after it's dry it becomes pretty much clear.

3. Use a few of your favorite Staz On inks over the texture. Just rub them over and over and you can also mix some of the primary colors to make more colors. Those inks are perfect for  non paper surface.

5. Add a thin layer of Gaze On medium over the colored pieces.
This medium  was made to make Staz On ink permanent no matter what. Let it dry.

6. There are no photos of resin filling step as I had to work without moving the covered pieces to the light to take photos. But it's just " mix resin according to instructions and the brand and cover the colored bookmarks from the front. Do not touch them for 24 hours. Now make another portion of resin mix and cover the back side and let them dry for another 24 hours."
Use your hole punch (heavy duty one) to make holes on the top  of the bookmarks and tie a piece of lace or ribbon on the top. 
You can't see it , but  those bookmarks look and feel like a piece of glass and you can still see all stenciled texture.

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