Saturday, 15 August 2015

Makin's Clay August project: bag chain

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new Makin's Clay blog post.
This time I made a cute, sunny and easy to make bag chain and I even made a small tutorial about the process.
1. I used a mix of 4 Neon  colors and made a kind of marbling only mix. I mostly had pink and yellow, so those are colors that are mostly seen after the mixing.I made a rolled piece using Makin's Clay Roller from Roller and Cutter set.
Then I used Makin's clay Flowers and Leaves cutters set  to make those adorable shapes. Don't forget to make a small hole of the top in your wet clay, unless you want to drill it later. And now let it dry for a day or so. 

2. Arrange the chain with your clay pieces and add some fancy rhinestones, beads or shiny something to your chain.
Cover the clay pieces with a thick layer of  glaze and let it dry.

3. That's it! You chain is done and you can see how lovely it looks over my summer handbag.

And look how pretty it looks over the black background!

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Unknown said...

יפהפה. בדיוק קיבלתי חבילה חדשה של החימר הזה אבל בלבן . אני אנסה לצבוע אותו במהלך ההכנה ולאחר הייבוש. אהבתי את רעיון הקישוט לתיק 😀

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