Monday, 10 October 2011

Life is a game tag book

This is my new tutorial project for Pretty Little Studio and I thought about it when I realized that we have both bingo tags , papers and numbers on PLS collections. So I made this tag book from Kraft cardstock as shown on the following steps here:
Step 1: Cut 6*12'' piece of Kraft cardstock, score it 4 times in accordion fold and make a tag shape cutting the corners and making a hole in the middle.

Step 2: Adhere some vintage lace as shown, we will use it to close this book later.

Step 3: Adhere you PLS patterned papers. I used Antique Store Collection Timeless, Charm, Treasure, Patchwork papers and some Check  Mate paper from Be My Valentine collection   too.

 Step 4: Connect your tags with Flashcards as shown. I used Word Flashcards Antique as they expressed the games I used here. Retro for Bingo, Nostalgic for Domino, Classic for Check and Playing cards.

Step 5: Embellish your tags. The first tag was embellished with metal  frame and wood Game  letters, and Bingo Red Number tags were added. The second tag was embellished with a pair of small  Vintage Flash Bingo cards form bith Neutral and Color  sets.
And then all the upper banner flags were added from Vintage Feedsacks Paper Ribbons set.

Step 6: Titles and finishing the project.
I  added some real game pieces here, dominos and cards, and EK check embellishment. Each tag got it's own  title: Luck for bingo, fun for domino, to be ahead for Check and to play life for cards.
I also added a lot of ribbons on the top of my tags  and this altered piece was done.

Here is the overall opened look above
And here  is the look on  my closed project.


Crafting Rebellion said...

This is a great little book! Love it!

Bonnie Brown said...

Cute little book!! Looks easy to assemble. You did a great job with the tutorial!!

Debbie_in_NM said...

I like this idea. Thanks for sharing

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