Thursday, 10 February 2011

Because- wedding lo

This page was published in Scrapbooking . com May 2010 issue
Very clean and simple wedding page  good for all red or Valentine challenges that are running now on the web.
 The rub on title says Because I never want to forget and for those who are not familiar with Jewish wedding ceremony- this one was not a very traditional one, as the bride doesn't sign a contract when it's a traditional ceremony. My DDIL wanted it to be this way, so she signed it before the wedding too..


מימס mimms said...

עירית דף ממש רגוע ושקט
ואהבתי את הנושא של התמונות :o))

Ziggyeor said...

very pretty I like the buttons/brads going down the side on the lace.

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