Friday, 13 August 2010

My very first on line tutorial in Ideas for scrapbookers blog

My very first tutorial in English was publushed in Ideas for scrapbookers blog here.
I just want to thank Pam for editing and making it a great post.
I did lots of tutorials , in print too, in Hebrew, but it was a kind of obsticle I needed to overcome with an English tutorial .
I was born and lived in Russia till I was 11 , so Russian was my mother tongue and still very fluent, then we moved to Israel and I needed to learn Hebrew as soon as I could, as I was already in junior high.. So my English is a kind of school and university one, mostly connected to sciences and medicine.. Now you can undestand how hard it was to jump into the water..
Hope you will jump to Pam's blog and read this tutorial and all other great ideas, tips and inspirations there.

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