Sunday, 27 August 2017

Project life spreads with Scrapmatts

Hello my dear crafty friends!
Today I decided to share something that is totally different for me: Pocket scrapbooking double page spread.
I am not a big fan of Project Life kind of scrapbooking as this is totally flat kind of crafting.
But as  always try to make something different as much as I can I decided to make double page with 8*8'' pockets and I really love the result and the easy life of such kind of crafting.
So here are both pages made with new Natures spirit Scrapberry's collection.
The only thing that was added to those pages other than paper and some metal pieces were Scrapmatts chipboards as I had to add some interest to those so flat pockets and those chippies are just the perfect add- on to flat pages.

Here is the first side of the double pager:

 And this is the second side of it and I am sorry for the pretty bad photos , but it's totally impossible the get great photos inside the plastic pockets.

 And now for some close- ups to the parts of the layouts.
As you can see I added a lot of Scrapberry's charms to the project as they are gorgeous and still flat pieces.

 And here is my recycling trick: use the collection name as a part of your project.
Nature spirit is just the collection name I cut and used over the photo title.

Metal flairs are also very good embellishments for flat pocket pages.

Some resin pieces can be added to the pages if those are flat piece.

Scrapmatts products used :
Scrap words 22 CB1236
Grass 02 CB5100
Assorted words 02 CB1136
Nautical Designs 04 CB1221
String circles 07 CB4071
Ornate frames 22 CB1220

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