Sunday, 2 April 2017

Final Makin's clay inspiration

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome  to my very last Makin's Clay® inspirational post.
After two full years on Makin's Clay® team it's just time to move to another adventures and I just made one final altered totally clay project to show you the wonders of delicious Makin's Clay® products.
It's not a real tutorial, but just a kind of " how to make this project" photo steps.
Step 1:
So  as the first step I made those two Makin's Clay® hearts using Die Versions XL Heart die, thin rolled white Makin's Clay® and as you can see the die cutting was just partial.
When working with a very thin and intricate dies, even the thin rolled dry clay can't be full cut. But those partly cut hearts  look fantastic after all and they are the base of this art piece.

2. Use different molds  to  cast all shapes using Makin's Clay® White and Natural clay. Let all shapes dry.

3. Use Pentart Acrylic paints (some are metallic) to paint all dry clay shapes. Don't try to paint them perfectly.
Just add some color over the shapes and let them dry.

4. Arrange the shapes over the  clay hearts and make the collage of vintage shapes, fairies and butterflies. Arrange the whole collaged piece over the frame.

Product list:
Makin's Clay products:
Makin's Air Dry Polymer clay® in White and Natural
Makin's Clay® Cutting mat large
Makin's Clay® Cutter and Roller set

Other: molds
Pentart Acrylic paints
Die Versions Die
$1 shop frame

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