Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lucky Makin's Clay necklace

 Hello my dear crafty friends!
Irit us here again with my Makin's Clay Lucky necklace.
I think that anyone needs a bit of luck. And games, any kind of them, are the most common way to get some luck together with a lot of fun. So I made a fancy 3 colors only necklace with Makin's Clay using all possible techniques.
Supply list:


Other products:
Stamps- Rubber Dance 
Glaze- DecoArts
Acrylic paint- DecoArts
Jewelry parts and beads- craft shop

Let me show you all of them techniques  used today:
1. Use Ultimate  Clay Extruder with large square disk #28 (you can't  see the disk on this photos, sorry about it) with white and black Makin's Clay to make this " so called" chess game  board.
I used a piece of thin red clay that was rolled to #6 setting on  Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® and dry to make the base for all those extruded squares.

2.Make a free hand  game cube from black clay and making the dots with Makin’s Clay® Professional Clay Tools®  top as shown.

3.Stamp with black permanent ink over wet clay rolled with Makin's Clay roller.I used Rubber Dance stamp to make this playing card Queen image.

4. Stamp with bare stamp  into the wet white clay. I used Rubber Dance stamps again and in my final project the Bingo card was not used after all. But I did used the domino piece as you can see. All piece were hand cut with a cutter from Makin’s Clay® Professional Clay Tools® set. 

5. Use  Makin's Clay small cutters of playing cards signs  from Mini Geo  cutters set to make the small pieces for the necklace. I didn't find the diamond shape(mess is my second name) in my cutters box, so I made it totally free  hand.

7. Make a mold  using a real chess game piece and cast  the chess game piece with black clay.

8.Cover all dry pieces with  glaze. The Domino piece dots were painted with black acrylic paint.
The cube dots were all painted with white acrylic inside the dots.

 And this is my finished pieces added to a fancy multi strings necklace.
 I added the word Lucky over the chess board with stickers and then covered the stickers with glaze again.
So are you Lucky? I hope you are and if not- make this necklace for some extra luck!

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Bibi Lindahl said...

What a great idea! Very cool.
Thank you for the tutorial and for using some of my rubber stamps ♥

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