Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Makin's Clay Love project

Hello my dear crafty friends! Irit is here with my very first project  in 2016. January is a perfect moth to make projects for  Valentines. Yes, Valentines is  in February, but then you need time, so here is a small clay projects that is easy to make and fancy to give.As  young kids we all believed in this fairy tales love stories. So I connected hearts with a fairy image and made my own Love figurine.
Say " Hello" to my Fairy heart figurine.

Step by step  tutorial:
1. Use a full 120 gr. package of Red Makin's Clay.Roll it with Makin's  roller tool  from Roller and Cutter set to the 1/4'' sheet of clay. Cut the  flat clay sheet to a few pieces to fit your cutters using the cutter from Makin's Professional Clay Tools set.  Pick you Makin's Heart shaped cutters and find some bigger heart shaped cutters in your stash. The simple ones from the baking shop will do the job (also I never used them for baking ). Cut the largest heart, the second size heart and the 2 smaller using Makin's cutters.Use

2. Pick three Makin's  Texture  sheets and  roll  over the cut hearts with the roller. I used the following textures, but you sure can pick your favorites.Let the embossed hearts dry for a couple of hours before we add the glaze over them: Lace from Set C; Diamond from set E and Curly Beard from set E.

3. Cover each one of 4 large hearts with any kind of a glaze you have. I used the one on the photo, but it;s just because I own it.  Adhere the hearts as shown - you can use glaze to do it, but  glue is much better. Let it dry  for 24 hours to be sure the clay is totally set and dry.

4. In the meantime cut 6 small hearts with the smallest Makin's Clay Heart shaped cutter. Arrange all 6 hearts and shown and cover them with glaze.

5. Cut the smallest hand with Makin's Hand cutter and Paisley shaped cutter.  I made each  hand with 2 clay cuts adhered one over another. The drops made my feet shapes, again I glued two cuts one over another. Cover them with glaze.

6. And now to the finished project. I made the base of my figurine  from the flower shaped hearts. 
Glue " feet"  over the base. Glued hands over the hearts' shape. Then I made a fairy using Makin's White clay and some craft store mold; covered it with glaze and a layer of Fairy dust glitter (not seen much on the photo, sorry about it).

 And a bigger photo of the finished project:

I hope you liked my Valentine's project and see you next month with another one. Hint- it's all about being Lucky.

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