Saturday, 23 January 2016

CC ornament tutorial- Bella January

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new Bella post.
I know that Christmas is over; but it's always another year. So just keep the tutorial for the next year or maybe  make this oranment at advance.
I altered the Dollar Tree $1 plastic ornament with a whole pack of red cord, some lace, some burlap threads, a paper tag and a lot of glue and mess. The final result is lovely and the colors can be changed to another, non traditional ones, too.

Product list:
1.45'' wax cotton cord Red - whole package
2. Lace
3. Green burlap sheet- just a few strings
4. Plastic ornament
5. Better not pout tags of Kraft cardstock
6. Mod Podge Extreme glitter

Step by step tutorial:
1.Cover the plastic ornamnent with a thick layer of glitter Mod Podge. You sure can use any other liquid glue, but this one alreadt has glitter inside and you don't need to add another giltter to your glue.

2.Roll the wax red cord around the plastic ball and add more glitter over the cord as you move on. It's a bit messy, but very effective and a a few minutes the cord is sticked and doesn't move. Cover the whole ball- one package of red cord will cover the whole surface.

3.This is a covered ball: let it dry as the glue is all over the cord.

4.Take a square piece of lace, fold it twice and make a single hole in the middle. " Dress" the ball with the lace and don't cut the edges. We want it to be a bit longer than the ball .

6.Pull like 6-7 threads from the green burlap and make a bow around the top of the ornament. Cut a single tag from the cardstock and add it with a small ball chain (hardly seen). Hang your ornament on your tree and enjoy!

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