Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dream love lo

Project Life sized cards are really a blessing for those who make Project Life pages. But  if you don't make this kind of scraping and still have a great cardstock all printed with Project Life cards, you still can make your classic scrapbooking page if you cut those cards and make your own, unique, grid background by arranging those cards one near/over another. And if those cards are these black and white colors, you can even make Wedding pages in no time. Add 
some trendy gold and you can make a gorgeous wedding page in just no time.

Supply list
Solid cardstock: Black by American Crafts
Patterned cardstock: Noir Mini Trim cards, Noir Crossings, Noir Vieux Rose by Paper House Productions
Die cuts: Noir Accent set by Paper House Productions
Stickers: Just Married 3d stickers, Believe Puffy stickers, Enjoy Puffy stickers, Explore Puffy stickers by Paper House Productions
Rub- Ons: Amazing Life by Paper House Productions
Pearls" Flourish with a Bling
Ink: Turquoise by Clearsnap

Step by step instructions: 1. Cut a 2'' strip of roses from Vieux Rose cardstock, ink the edges and adhere it on the left side over black cardstock. Cut a diagonal strip from Crossings cardstock, ink the edges and glue it diagonally from the lower left corner as shown.
2. Cut all trim cards, ink the edges and arrange them in a free style with a bit of overlapping over the page. Glue the wedding photo.
3. Add "Was the best day" and "Love is all you need" cards from the die cut set with inked edges. Rub two big sayings over the upper right card and lower right card and rub some diamonds and arrows over the diagonal strip.

4. Glue two die cut frames as shown. Add Dream Love puffy stickers' title, all puffy arrows and a couple of puffy feathers on the lower right corner. Ink two die cut roses and arrange the flower cluster with 3d stickers flowers. Add gold and white puffy leaves under the flowers. Adhere the 3d sticker rings over the lower frame corner. Add random gold and blue pearls over the page.

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