Friday, 21 November 2014

Make your own wood tutorial and wall art with PHP

This is my Faux wood tutorial made for those who love wooden pallets on the wall, but can't buy them as they are far away from any craft shops, like I am. So I decided to make my own
 " wood" and it's quite a success.
Here is my tutorial:
1. Take an old tooth brush and cut every second row with scissors. Add gesso- I used Faber Castell DMC gesso- over Kraft cardstock using your new low cost  crafty tool.
2. Add a thick layer of clear embossing powder over the wet gesso and heat emboss it completely.

3. Add strokes of brown Gelato or any other water color brown paint  and wipe it with baby wipe.

4. Add a mix of brown colors using Big Brush Artist pens and more Gelatos. If you feel that it's too light add some dark brown home made mist  made from Gelato pieces , mixing browns and a bit of black.Add as much as you want to make your " wood" darker or lighter. As all colors are not water resist, you can wipe some paint if it's too dark, as I did with my final project.

5. Using the simple metal ruler make black lines with black Gelato to make the horisontal lines.
You wooden piece is done. Cut it to strips to make a pallet  as I did for my final project.

And this is my Live- Love- Laugh " wooden"  wall art:
I used a package of Paper House Productions sticker only and it's totally a HIT!
 If you want you can add more  stickers, such as butterflies or birds or flowers. I wanted this project to be mostly clean and simple so we can enjoy both my faux wood and the gorgeous PHP stickers.

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Nazeema Calypso Thompson said...

Absolutetly stunning!!! I will have to give this a try!!

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