Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mixed Media card tutorial with Inspired by Stamping

Hello my dear crafty friends ! Today I am going to show you a fast and trendy Mixed Media card tutorial.
 As most of you know lately I am deep into this Mixed Media techniques and  Mixed Media cards are no the exception. You don't need to be afraid of those " Mixed Media" words. It's just some different from  inks and  markers , but not so much different after all.
Sometimes I  get those delicious sentiment stamps with words like sunshine, stars etc, but don''t have any  image stamps that fit the subject. As I do own some stencils that fit the subjects I would use them here and will show you how easy  Mixed Media card can be done.

1. Step one : make flat and free of mediums space for the sentiment die cut.
Die cut the shape you want to use for your sentiment and adhere it with some non permanent glue on the place you want it to be on your card.

2. Step two:make your textured background
Now  adhere your stencil over the glued sentiment spot.

Mix a bit of texture paste with s bit of mist or any other fluid paint and add it over your stencil. Peel the stencil off and let it dry. Peel the sentiment spot off when it's totally dry.

Actually your backgound is done, but you can add some more interest to this background with a few modifications.
a. Mist your dry background with a light mist in the close to basic colors.
b. Add some embossing powder in the close to basic colors to the wet paste  and heat emboss the wet paste to get this lovely and interesting texture I got on my final project.

Step three and final:
Die cut another sentiment spot (oval in my case) , stamp the sentiment and ink the edges. Glue the  sentiment die cut in the flat space left with 3d glue foam . Make the basic card and glue the front panel over it.

And just to show you how easy and versatile this technique is I made another card, this time using this lovely " Stars" sentiment and  using star pattern stencil. This time I used another IBS die, but it is just the same technique (this time with a lot of misting over the dry background)

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Irish Cherokee said...

Wonderful tutorial Irit. Like bothcards. Something to try in the future. Sorry I have not been by lately. Much going on and a project of my own. A from scratch image. It will be posted tomorrow. Never tried this before and succeeded. Hugs.

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