Monday, 10 December 2012

Want to know a bit about Hanukkah? Here is my guest post about it

A few month ago I was asked by Debbie to join her 12 days of Holidays trditions blog hop. Today my All about Hanukkah post  is in the air and you all are welcome to learn a bit about our Holiday traditions.
I am not going to repost it- so here is a link to this post and you are welcome to comment there  and to win some great goodies!


Jean said...

Hi from D's Paper Studio! Love reading about your family and see the layouts of your wonderful holiday! Now I am hungry........

Pammejo said...

How fabulous to see you are also a designer on Debby's 12 Days Home for the Holidays, loved your post and thank you again for sharing about Hanukkah.

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