Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sports altered wall deco with BoBunny

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my  technique day post today.
Let's say that I am not much a sport lover. Maybe even the totally opposite. So making a  sport collection project is a challenge and I think I found the way to make it fun and even to give it  one of my family members who loves sports and ball sports mostly.
So  also we are talking Technique today  this is not a real tutorial, but mostly some tips and tricks that I discovered while I was making this piece.

Here how it looks on the wall, also it will be moved from my wall and delivered to my dear son in low in a couple of days.

Sports wall deco by Irit Shalom

This was the bare wood $ store three parts piece with cork on the top, wooden frame in the middle and
the box  in the bottom.
While making this piece I managed to remake the cork into magnetic board.
The  photo frame was remade to chalk board and the box is still the box.

So first I painted  the whole piece with Pentart Cottage Green Lasur Indoor gel.
I really love this not so perfect look of the wood that you get with this paint.I painted one single layer and decided to leave it this way.

The middle portion was painted with 2 layers of chalkboard paint. Yes, this is glass chalkboard paint, but it was the only one I have and I just tried to use it over wood. And here is my first tip: it WORKS!
It works perfectly even on the wooden surface.

Then I decided to leave half of the cork as is and to paint another half with magnetic  paint.
It was another experiment and also I had to make three layers it WORKS!
Here is the second tip for today: Pentart Magnetic paint  works on  soft cork surface as well.

Now it was a time for embellishing the painted piece.
I added small strong magnets over the chipboard piece without peeling the backing. If you want to peel the white glossy backing paper you need to add some baby powder over the glued side of those sticky chipboards.

And here is another tip: BoBunny small chipboards make minute made perfect magnets!
If you want  them to last forever cover them with a thick layer of Pentart Glossy Varnish.

First I tried to use chalk marker over the painted chalkboard part. The result was really disappointing.
So I tried the white pen and BINGO! You can use white pen and to wipe it with  baby wipe. It works perfectly .
So I just added the white pen on the side using clear Velcro strip.

As you can see each part was also decorated with clear sticker.
And the last part was decorated with stickers, chipboards and handmade tags made with BoBunny dies.

So not much techniques to learn, but a lot of good tips to keep in mind while you work with Pentart products.
And a final look at this altered project:

BoBunny products used:
Game On!- Diamond 12'' cardstock
Game On- First down 12'' cardstock
Game On- Kick it 12'' cardstock
Game On Noteworthy
Game On- Chipboards
Game On- Clear Stickers
Nested Terrific Tag dies
Tuxedo Brads

Pentart products used:
Lasur  gel  Country Green
Chalkboard paint for Glass
Magnetic paint

Monday, 27 February 2017

Scrapmatts February layout inspiration

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my  February  Scrapmatts inspiration.
So this is a page I made for myself, by myself and with myself (you can see it for sure).
I scrapped my vacation memories as here in Israel Lilac bushes are not common (non existing ones).
So as I was born in a former USSR and was raised around lilac flowers every time I see one abroad I just take some photos near them. Just to remember the smell and the happiness of my early childhood.
I used Scrapberry's cardstock and small embellishments to make this page, but I used big and a lot of Scrapmatts chipboards to add texture, color and interest to this page.
All chipboards were heat embossed with black or mixed embossing powder and I used the same powder over some of cardstock die cut pieces to make it similar.
As you can see I used the chain circle around my own photo and I used the same powder to heat embossed the leaves near the metal  pebble.
I made the mixed title using #unique word and added the banners of " me" to make one title.
Some embellishments were added over the gate part and on the lower corner and I added the words ' memories" as my sub- title.
 The last, but not least- the oval frame that framed the upper stamped saying.
All other embellishments are just small add- ons of flowers, hand cut pieces and small metal charms.
And yes, life is good  when you can travel and still remember your childhood as it was just a few days ago .
I wish. Not really a few days, but a like a whole 50 years back.
It still makes me Happy!

Scrapmatts product list:
Scrap words 32 CB6113
Chains 01 CB5132
Ornate toppers 01 CB5137
Ornate frames 24 CB6096
Assorted words 29 CB6116
Alphabet flags 04 CB6085
Leaf spray 08 CB1153

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Steampunk card and tag with Scrapmatts

My second (and third) projects for Scrapmatts blog are those Steampunk card and tag.
Yes, I love Steampunk. Not as a way of life, but sure as a crafter.
So when I see pretty masculine cardstock  and add gorgeous Scrapmatts chipboard and stencils, I get this fancy masculine friendship card first.
I used the  Stemapunk  Arch window frame and a big gear piece - both were heat embossed with copper powder. The gear was cut into two parts and added from both sides of the card.
I used Gears stencil with distress ink to cover the inside of the window.
The lamp was added in the middle to give the light of gold to this freindship card.
 And yes, to make it a real Steampunk I added a few real metal pieces that fit the chipboards in the most perfect way.

 My last project for Scrapmatts is this Steampunk tag.
Same style as the card, but the colors are totally different.
The card was a kind of a warm one.
 This tag is a cold grey and blue project.
 Some of the chipboards here were heat embossed with blue powder and the background one was left bare.
I added this lovely " naked" Happy Birthday chipboard and  again, a few metal pieces were must to add things to make it a real Steampunk style.
 I think that I am in love with those Scrapmatts Steampunk chipboards!
They make my masculine crafting possible!

Scrapmatts products used:
Arch Window frame 05 CB6042
Lamps 11 CB6109
Gear frames 02 CB5011
Gear stencil
Circle mesh 02 CB5129
Scrap words 25 CB1239
Scrap words 30 CB1244
Arrows 01 CB5107
Sticks 02 CB5153
Buckles and Belts 01 CB1231

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fancy Shaker Love card with Papericious

Hello my dear crafty friends!
This is Irit from Irit Shalom Designs here today and I am going to share two shaker cards tutorial.
It was my very first  time to make shakers and I made one fancy and complicated and one simple one, so everyone can try and make those tag with the new, most gorgeous, Papericious collection Perfect Affair.
This is the first, fancy card here and some close- ups and then I made a full step by step photo tutorial.

Step by step tutorial:
1. Make the card size piece from floral cardstock and use this die to make the cuts. This Die Versions big heart die cuts into two parts, but if you have another die you can always  cut the inner part by yourself or to use two nesting dies.

2. This is the place for the inner die cut, but it's not yet glued.

3. Die cut the double sided glue foam with the same die and use the outer part only. If you don't have the double sided foam sheet use any craft foam and just add the glue over it. Glue the frame piece over the front of your card.

And this is the close up of this step.

4. Die cut again using the very same die and gold cardstock.
Glue the outer part over the double sided glue and glue the inner part under the inside die cut shape.

5. Added sequins and cover with hand cut around the die acetate piece and then glue the outer die cut frame we got during step 1.
Your shaker part is done.

6. Heat emboss Papericious chipboard with clear embossing ink and gold embossing powder. Hand cut the clock from the cardstock and arrange them both as shown.
Add 3 gold sticky corners and make the matting using two other cardstocks from the same collection.

Simple Shaker Love card with Papericious

Today I am going to share a simple shaker card made with new, just released, Perfect Affair collection from Papericious.
I made a full step by step tutorial and with this gorgeous collection everyone can do this lovely Valentine card.

Step by step tutorial:

1.Die cut 3 stitched rectangles from three different cardstock as shown.

2. Use nested hearts dies or punches  and die cut one frame out of double sided glue foam sheet, 2 white cardstock frames, one patterned cardstock red frame and one transparent full large size heart and one cardstock full size heart.

3. Glue the foam glue frame over the cardstock heart.

3. Glue two more layers using white cardstock heart and fill with Papericious sequins.

4. Add the transparent heart over and cover with red cardstock frame.
Your shaker part is all done.

5.Arrange the card with three die cut layers we made during step 1 and add some hand cut flowers.

6. Use clear embossing ink and gold embossing glitter to cover the chipboard shapes.

7.Add gold lines over flowers with gold liner.

8. Now  your shaker  card is done!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Free for all February with Tando: Tropical house

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my last February Tando post.
This chipboard Tando house was in my stash for ages. I never tried to do anything with it as I don't have a space to show it.
 But when my lovely 3 years old grand daughter asked if I can make her a house, this was like " yes, dear, I will do one for you".
So  I made her a tropical house as we live in  pretty much tropical weather, using Scrapberry's Tropical paper collection.
Each single piece was painted. I used Bamboo background mask to make the bamboo images over the front of this tropical house.
The roof was paper covered and I added the paper fence and some Tando chipboard flowers.
The three years old is very glad with the house.
I am very glad that I finally used my Tando older stash for this Anything goes week.

 Tando products used:
3d House
3D House (2 for 1)

Tando minis Flowers
Tando Mini's - Flowers

Bamboo background mask
Bamboo Background Mask

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