Friday, 8 July 2011

Beaded Strawberry tutorial

Beaded chipboard tutorial

I love bare chipboards: they make you to be creative and to find more and more unique ways to embellish them.. So this Strawberry mini album piece from Maya Road was a perfect piece to use my own (I did it about 3 years ago for the first time and I 've never seen this kind of work before ) technique of " Paint and Bead" chipboard embellishment.

So here we go

Supply list: Maya Road chipboard strawberry; Red and Green Acrylic paint- I used some Ranger and some Plaid, you can use whatever you have; Red, green and black seed beads- you can make a mix of the same red and green colors as I did; 3d Glaze- I used Ranger Glossy Accents, but as you need a lot of this medium you can pick a cheap brand in any craft shop.

Step 1: Underline the leaves over your strawberry shape

Step 2: Fill the shape with a lot of acrylic paint- the more the better as shown. You don't have time to clean your brush- so use two cheap kids brushes and try to clean them later

Step 3: Fill the wet paint with your beads- do it totally randomly and use some color mix, don't touch them, just add more to cover almost all the paint. As a last touch add some bigger black beads, not too much of them over the red ones.

Step 4: Cover the entire piece with a think layer of your 3D glaze. Leave it to dry- it takes ages, but the result is gorgeous. Now you can clean your paint brushes… LOL

Step 5: Your chipboard piece is ready to be used over your card or another art piece
I decided to show you the same piece added to my "So berry sweet" card and to my Strawberry Girl Forever lo… I am not sure where I am going to use it- I think I need another one done and thank to Maya Road this is a mini album, so I have more strawberries for my future use


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Crafty and Green said...

Amazing!! LOVE IT!!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely Amazing! Thanks for the tutorial.

Alberta said...

Very creative and scrumptious too!

Unknown said...

That is so cool Irit! Truly love the strawberry. Look yummy enough to eat!

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