Saturday, 2 January 2010


I am sorry I didn't have any special photo of myself for this hop- so I just added this one here- red is a celebration color, isn't it?
And now for the good news- there is a candy in my blog for all of you that leave a comment and if you become my follower your name will be drawn twice so you have even more chances to win.
And as I just came back from my 9 days Beijing China vacation , I don't have a picture of the candy- but it will be the great one (stamps and more.. )- so feel free to comment and to become my follower too.And as always I will ship worldwide- so anyone can participate.
And now for the punch line- that's what this blog hop is about: 10 things I want or need to do in 2010
So here they are:
1.To stop smoking- I think this is the hardest one to complete
2. To relax and to take my time.. Hard too.
3. To learn PHOTOSHOP or any other kind of digital program- as I am a computer dummy..
4. To be published in every possible web magazine ( I was published in one,
have more works to be published in another 3 and I am not sure how many more we have..)
5. To be published in printed magazine.. Even just once but out of Israel as here I was printed several times.
6. To complete my son's wedding album (there are more than 80 pages done-
so a bit more and it will be completed)
7. To make some manufacturer DT (MY BIGGEST DREAM )
8. To become a grandmother (dear son and dear DIL- this one is on you)
9. To spend more time with my parents as they became older and need me more than my kids or hubby
10. To learn to sleep at least 6 hours a night, every night.. This one is hard too for " no sleeper" like me.
So here they are and I have a whole 2010 to see if it will be done even partly.
And now your need to go to JENNY'S BLOG on our blog hop


Carol said...

Hi Irit! I've been following you for a few weeks - love your work and am looking forward to your upcoming publications (I have some inside scoop to be honest, that's how I found you!). Anyway, have a wonderful 2010 and keep up the wonderful creating!

Sweet Momiji said...

Thanks for letting me that you posted, Irit! I have fixed my post where it links to you now! :)

I hope you accomplish all your goals this year! Have a great 2010!!


Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Here's hoping you finish all your goals no matter how big they are.

ILONA said...

Hi Irit

happy new year from germany....;)


Caro said...

What a lovely list of things...good luck with them all. I love your work and enjoy seeing it. Have a great 2010!

ANAT S said...

ברוכה הבאה יקירתי
תמונה משגעת שלכם
יפה לך אדום

Adiya said...

איזו רשימה נהדרת! מאחלת לך לסמן בסוף 2010, "וי" בכל אחד מהסעיפים!

Scrapenabler said...

Best of luck in 2010!

Sarah said...

Wonderful photo are so talented.

Yaffit said...

היי עירית,ברוכה הבאה!
חסרו לי הפוסטים שלך,שמחה שחזרת.
מאחלת לך להגשים את משאלותייך לשנה החדשה ובמיוחד את הראשונה:))))

Liz said...

Best of luck to you in 2010

Rhonda said...

I wish you great success with all your 2010 goals!!! You can do it!

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

כשתפסיקי לעשן, תוכלי לישון יותר משש שעות בלילה...
וזה ממעשנת לשעבר, הפסקתי לפני חמש שנים.
לדעתי, כשמגיעים להחלטה ובאמת זה בראש הכל אפשרי.
אני חושבת שלהיות DT של אתר מסחרי, זה קטן עלייך ובטח שלא רחוק מאוד וגם הפירסום במגזינים אינטרנטים וכאלו שלא. העבודות שלך כל כך מקצועיות ומדהימות שאני חושבת שכל מה שייחלת לעצמך בטח יקרה בקרוב מאוד :-)
יופי של תמונה משפחתית X

SarahKaye said...

What a list! I am sure you can do it!!! All but the grandchild part, that is. :D Happy New Year!

Jenny in Maine said...

Love the picture Irit!! Happy 2010!!

JPScraps said...

Wish you the best of luck completing all your goals.

Linda said...

Wow you have a lot of energy for a non-sleeper. I love your energy. Oh to be published or asked to be on a DT. I would love that. First I need to retire. That is not so far away now. Best wishes in the new year!
I'm happy to be a new follower:)

Tasha Hickert said...

Wow, what great goals for 2010! I hope you achieve them all--especially the grandma one!

Gail said...

Good luck with your goals.I can relate to numbers 3,4 and 10.Have a happy 2010.
my blog

Unknown said...

Hi Irit, best of luck with all your goals for 2010.

Thanks for joining in with the Charisma Blog Hop. Thanks also for commenting on my blog & entering my candy - best of luck!

Jan x

Einat's Art World said...

היי עירית
מאחלת לך לשנה החדשה שתגשימי את כל רשימת ה - 10 שלך לשנה זו.
במיוחד הראשון שאני יודעת שקשה לך עם נושא העישון, כל השאר באמת קטן עליך.

Kelly B Rutherford said...

Hey Irit!! Your blog is super cool!! Happy New Year!! Miss you over at ScrapFIT!

אילנית said...

היי עירית,
כיף שחזרת
שנה טובה יקירה- אני מאחלת לך שכל משאלותייך יתגשמו לטובה- כן כן גם אני מאחלת לך במיוחד את בעיית העישון.

תמונה מדהימה


yaffa said...

היי עירית
שתהייה לך אחלה שנה
בהצלחה בעיקר עם העישון
תמונה נהדרת

Delfina said...

Happy New Year April, may 2010 be good for you.

מימס mimms said...

כמה טוב שחזרת, היה פה שקט מדי
אהבתי את עשרת המשימות/היעדים שהצבת לעצמך לשנה הקרובה, מבטיחה לעזור לך באחד מהם
ז"א לידי את לא תעשני כבר :o))
רגשת אותי עם יעד מס' 9
והצחקת אותי עם עניין הנכד/ה
ועל זה נאמר- סבלנות

Betty J Schaub said...

I'm following and I love your photo! Good Luck with your resolutions. My main resolution is to continue to lose weight. Then my other resolution is to adopt another dog.

Neet said...

have just found you via Gingersnap Creations and love what I see. Left a couple of comments and decided with what I saw I would have to become a follower.
Hope you manage your resolutions.

Matildy Jane Designs said...

Hello, just found you through Etsy Inspired Challenge. Your items are really pretty! Love the wedding store visit layout. How funny! Following your posts now!

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