Thursday, 16 February 2017

Makin's Clay Bottle of Hope

 Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Makin's Clay® January post.
This month we were challenged to make Bottles of Hope.
Let's say that this is my very first time to make such a small project and I never ever covered any bottle of this size with clay.
So I am totally not sure about the result, but you learn while you try. So I promise to be better with my next Bottle of Hope.
Here is my tutorial for this project :
1. Roll the blue Makin's Clay® to the size that will cover your small bottle using Makin's Clay® Roller tool from the tool set.

2. Use texture sheet to make the texture over your rolled blue clay.
I used Makin's Clay® Weave sheet from SET C.

3. Cover the small glass bottle with your textured clay and roll over the Makin's Clay® mat.
This is the second when you lost most of your texture! But as I said we learn from our mistakes.

4. Use Makin's Clay® small circle cutter from Circles cutters set and make the bottom circle to cover the bottle.

5. Use Easy Mold Silicone Putty and metal wings from your stash to make your own mold for the future use with Makin's Clay®.
Work according to manufacturer's instructions that are in the putty box.

6. Cover the bottle to the edge with blue clay and make the top with the original cork inside the white Makin's Clay® piece.

7. Cast the wings with White Makin's Clay® in your self made mold.
Cast the small owl in another mold (Plaid).
Cast the bow with Makin's Clay® bow push mold.
Cast the top piece with another Plaid mold (will be seen later).
Paint the dry shapes with acrylic paints(I used DecoArt Media Line).

This is the top piece over the bottle.

And the bottle with a cork and the closure.

I hope that you liked my small tutorial and will do some Bottles of Hope for anyone  who needs a bit of hope.
But don't we all need some?
Makin's Clay® products used:
Makin's® Air Dry Polymer clay in white and blue
Cutting mat large
Push molds- Christmas Decor
Cutters 3 piece sets-Round
Texture set C- Weave
Roller and Cutter set

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