Monday, 16 January 2017

Makin's Clay Jewelry set tutorial

Hello my dear crafty friends !
Irit  is here today and I will show you how to make a fancy jewelry set using Dragon Egg Pinterest tutorial inspiration.
This is my own version of this technique. The original tutorial show the work with foil over the polymer clay. I don't have any foil or even scalloped polymer clay knife. So I worked with metal leaves and scalloped cutter, but the result is very similar, also not in colors.
So here is my final project: a necklace, pair of earrings and a key chain/bag chain all together:

 And now here is my tutorial for you:

1. Roll half package of Black Makin's air dry polymer clay over Makin's Clay® mat using Makin's
 Clay ® rolling tool from the set.

2. Add a thin layer of enamel  powder adhesive over the rolled clay sheet.
You sure can use any other adhesive that  keeps metal leaves over the surface; I used whatever I had and it worked just perfect.
Add a random layer of silver leaves over  adhesive and let it dry.

3. Add another layer of enamel adhesive and fill with a mix of copper, red gold and gold leaves as shown.
Let the adhesive dry, but don't wait till the clay is dry.

4.Use scallop cutter or scalloped clay knife if you own it and make a few scalloped strips from the metal covered clay piece.

5.Roll another half of Black Makin's Clay® and use Makin's Clay® Oval and Round cutters to make all pieces shown that will make all three jewelry projects.

6. Cover the oval pieces with the any glossy glue and add all scalloped pieces from both sides of the ovals.
Use the cutter again to cut the extra pieces of the scallops.

7.Cut the circles from the foiled sheet with Round Makin's Clay® cutters and cover the black clay circles from both sides.

8.Make holes in the beads and trinkets and let it dry overnight.

9. Arrange the necklace using the largest oval piece, larger circles and smaller round beads.

Make the earrings with smaller ovals and small circles as shown.

10.Now arrange the key chain with the last two beads.

 And here is a full project:

Product list:
Makin's Clay products:
Makin's Air Dry Polymer clay® in Black
Makin's Clay® Cutting mat large
Makin's Clay® 3p cutters Round and Oval
Makin's Clay® Cutter and Roller set

Other products:
Globecraft Enamel and embossing powder adhesive
Gold and silver leaves
Jewelry findings and gold waxed string

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