Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Life is Beautiful hand made box with BoBunny

Hello my dear crafty friends! Irit is here and today I made a small tutorial for all of you.
This is Technique day here on BoBunny blog and I am going to show you simple paper crafting technique and simple embellishment techniques, all in one single project.
So here is my book shaped hand made box here made with new delicious Felicity collection:

First I will show you how you can make the whole box and then we will talk about embellishing it.

Step 1:Measure and cut three chipboard pieces as shown on the photo.
Connect them with binding tape or whatever glue tape that you use.

Step 2: Cover the chipboards cover with Felicity Splendor cardstock using the Wooden side as your cover cardstock. Use double sided glue tape or any other glue to make the cover.

Step 3: Fold 3 simple white papers using score board or even a ruler and a scoring tool. Make 1/2'' folds and fold the scored pieces to accordion fold as shown. Cut two  folded papers to fit the long sides of the inside of the cover and cut the third one into halves to fit both short sides of the cover.

Step 4:Cover the inside of the cover with Felicity cardstock as shown (no  photo of this step) and then glue a nice piece of Felicity Vellum  on the right inside and add strips of glue tape as shown.
Arrange the " box" with your folded paper strips and secure with another top piece of double sided glue tape.

Step 5: Finish the full box with other two folded strips.

Step 6: Cut four pieces of what is left from Felicity cardstock. Paint the edges as shown with Pentart Metallic Rose acrylic paint using your fingers. Dont' try to make it nice as we want this interesting kind of edge coverage.

Step 7: Glue the inked blue cardstock cuts to make the frame over the  folded paper frame as shown.
Make a sticker tag with cardstock sticker over Splendor cardstock background side and tie the cord. Glue the tag inside the box.

Step 8: Build the left  inside cluster with stickers, Noteworthy pieces and paint the edges in the very similar way as we did for the frame edges.

Step 9: Use Flower Power stickable stencil with Pentart Creamy acrylic Rose paint and make a basic embellishment rectangle for the cover.
There is no photo of this step, but my tip is to use a make up sponge with this creamy paint for the best results.
You can see the result on the bottom of the front cover as most of the piece is not seen after all.
 Glue the die cut strip from Noteworthy vertically, cover with stencilled rectangle. Hand cut three clocks from Serendipity cardstock and arrange them on the top as shown. 
Add one Layered chipboard clock on the top. Paint a few die cut leaves with Olive Pernart acrylic and when dry add a few strokes of Rose paint over them. Paint a couple of die cut flowers with Rose Metallic acrylic and arrange the flower cluster.

Step 10: Use Lovely Leaf  dies to  die cut a couple of leaves from milky shrink plastic.
Paint the die cut leaves with Olive acrylic. Let them dry and then shrink them with your heat gun.
The best part  of using Penart acrylic on shrink plastic is those small bubbles that you can see on those small leaves on the cover.

And this is a close- up to the leaves on the cover- the small ones with the bubbles- and the painted die cut  cardstock pieces.

Step 11: Add  the lower title sticker, some jewel swirls and top  sticker tab. Add two flag stickers on the spine  and embellish with more rhinestones.
Enjoy your self made box and use it for a gift or just for your keepsakes.
And here is the inside  of the project again, both sides together:

And now lets see the finished project on the shelf in all its glory and to show my love to this wonderful collection I glued  this collection name on the top tab of the external cover.

Can you see it?

BoBunny products used:
Felicity collection:
Felicity, Serendipity, Splendor cardstocks
Felicity Combo stickers
Felicity Noteworthy pack
Felicity Vellum paper
Felicity layered chipboard
Flower Power stencil
Lovely leaf dies
Double Dot Jewels Aqua
Jewel Flourishes Frosting

Pentart products used:
Creamy Acrylic Olive
Creamy Acrylic Rose
Creamy Metallic Acrylic Rose

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