Monday, 3 October 2016

Back to school with Makin's Clay - MINI notebook cover

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new Makin's Clay tutorial!
August is a Back to School month and  I decided to use some Makin's Clay techniques to make the mini notebook clay cover. I thought that I never made anything in those trendy aqua and pink colors and with a small add- ons of black and gold it may become the next trendy thing.
 So here we go!
1. Add a few drops of acrylic paint to half a package of  Makin’s Clay® white and mix it . On this photo you see the Primary Magenta actylic before the mixing. You can see the perfect pink on one of the next photos.

2.This is a mix already made with White Makin's Clay and Cobalt teal actylic. I used Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® on setting 4 to make the clay sheets for this project.

3. Now cut the stright piece using Makin's Clay cutting tool from Makin’s Professional®Roller and Cutters set® . Cut it into two equal parts to make the front and the back of the notebook cover. Now let it dry over night.

5.Use any good hole maker to make three holes on the top of each half and if you wish add eyelets into the holes.
Makin's Clay is easy to use with any hole maker and eyelet setter as it's light weight and flexible when dry.

6. Now use any good heavy duty corner rounder to round the low corners on both front and back covers. 
Again, any good corner rounder will do the work because of the clay qualities.
Our covers are done and now we move to the embellishment  part of it.

7.Use pink wet mixed clay and Makin's Clay® Texture sheet set H to make the front cover main matting piece.
Roll over the texture plate with a roller from Makin’s Professional®Roller and Cutters set® .
Let it dry before you try to use the textured piece.

8. Due cut a small stitched rectange using the left over  aqua dry clay sheet and a die. 

9. Use Makin's Clay Push mold  and Makin’s Clay® black to make a  border piece for the embellishment cluster.
Also the photo shows the leaves border, finally, due the small space I made the rope one and used it on the finished project.

10. Use other molds to make some flowers and leaves. I mostly made black ones and just one single pink for the contrast. 
Let the molded pieces dry and then take them of the molds.

11. And this is a close up to the finished cluster.
The textured pink piece was hand torn and edges were covered with gold actylic.
The aqua die cut rectangle was added over the pink textured matting.
All black and one pink flowers and leaves were gold painted on the top and arranged into one big fancy cluster.
The push mold rope was added on the bottom and I also added one molded bow to finish this notebook.

And now to the final project photos (no paper is inside the notebook yet as I need to cut  it to fit the covers).

Product list:
Makin's Clay products:
Makin’s Clay® white
Makin’s Clay® black
Makin’s Professional®Roller and Cutters set®
Makin's Clay® Texture sheet set H
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat
Makin’s Clay® Push mold- Borders

 Other products:
 Paints- DecoArt
Glue- Beacon Adhesives
Die- Elizabeth Crafts
Molds other then Makin's Clay- WOW! Embossing Powders
Corner rounder
Eyelet setter, eyelets
Binding rings

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