Saturday, 27 August 2016

Mixed Media canvas with BoBunny

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Mixed Media canvas first ever video tutorial!

Let's say that this was the hardest thing  I've ever crafted and there are a lot of reasons for this Mission Impossible issue.
First I got my products as BoBunny Round 2 finalist on June 19 ("huge thanks" to Israeli customs that kept my  custom free package for 2 whole weeks without any reason and then sent it to the wrong post office  without the electric power for 3 days and impossible to get the " must electronically sign" package). 
The original date to submit the projects was June 23. Also BoBunny extended the due date my  own due date was June 23, as on June 24 we already had booked and paid vacation trip to Poland. 
So for me it was like " do it today and whatever will be- will be".
For the crafter who never made even a 30 second video clip it was a nightmare.
I had to find a good camera (dear Husband's smartphone). I had to find the spot to film it ( low living room table was the only one that  was a good fit, but  BAD one after all as I worked from the side sitting on my knees). I filmed it three times and the last one was  the best of all poor attempts. 
It took me ages to edit it on the only free program that I had on my pretty old PC that refused to upload the better program.
I made a trial upload  to You Tube without any music or final photos and then the most awful thing happened: my Movie editor died. Like I can't edit on it more and couldn't even think about all new process.
So I added a  bit of music with You Tube and that was it.
We are leaving to Poland in a couple of days. I still had the second, not video, project to make for BoBunny audition.
I had family issues with sick family members that  I needed to take care of. 
I like my final project and I hate this video thing... I am deep on minus infinity spot on my learning curve and don't have any spare time or products to make the new film.
So I made this post with this video link  just to show you my Mixed Media canvas made with my adorable daughter's wedding photo and I cross my fingers for the best. 
At least I tried. I didn't gave up. I made my best with the impossible time lines. My family and friends told me told to give it up. I cried a lot, but I made this video and maybe it will be my very first and my very last one as I am much better with step by step photo tutorials that I really love to make. 
Hope you like my project and thanks for reading this blog post after all.
And this is a video tutorial link here:

So this is my Mixed Media Vintage altered canvas here.
All products are from BoBunny and if there was not right color I just made them with tea and coffee stains.

Look at some close- ups:

Thanks for reading this post and watching my very first video attempt.

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Juls said...

Stunning, it looks great xx

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