Thursday, 16 June 2016

Strawberry fields forever: Makin's Clay tutorial

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new tutorial made for Makin's Clay blog.
As you maybe remember last month I decided to make a couple of flower tutorials  made with Makin's Clay and totally different techniques. This is my second tutorial and this time , as my tribute to Spring, I made this Strawberry blossoms with strawberries piece. Last month I explained the die cutting of dry Makin's Clay sheet technique.This time it's hand made, scissors cut flowers with a little help of other techniques that you will see in a second.
So lets make this beauty!
Step by step tutorial:
1. Roll a think sheet of Makin’s Clay® white clay using Makin's Clay  roller from the Makin’s Professional®Roller and Cutters set® set over Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat.
Don't let it dry for now!

2.Use medium size circle cutter form 3 pc Makin's Clay 3 pc. Round Cutter set and make a few circles from your rolled white clay.

3.Now  lets see how to make  strawberry blossoms. First  I checked the number of petals and the general shape of those blossoms. We need 5 petals flowers and  they are round shaped ones.
So divide the cut circles to 5 as much as possible equal sectors using  Makin's Clay  tools and make the central notch. (See circle #1 from the left ).
Use your fine scissors and cut between the sectors as shown on flower #2 on this photo.
Now round the petals with scissors (#3 on this photo).
Flatten the hand cut flower a bit- not too much- with the roller (#4 on the photo).
Make veins with any tool you feel comfortable with and shape the flower (#5 on the photo).
Make as many flowers as your need. For this project I made just 5.

4.Make leaves with a die, but just as a shape maker.  I didn't die cut the leaves and used the die over the wet clay. Then hand cut the shape around the image as shown.Those leaves are pretty much general shaped ones; so you can also free  hand cut your own leaves without any die or template.

5.Make the back of the flowers using hand mixed Makin's Clays; I  used a mix of the same size Yellow and Olive green and just made an initial mix with marbled look. Then use Makin’s Clay® Cutters smallest Flower cutter and make 5 pieces from the mixed clay as the bottoms of your blossoms. 

6.Make the blossom centre with Makin's® Ultimate Clay Extruder™  using the disc with the smallest possible round holes. Then arrange a few  round strips together to make your blossom's centres.

7.From this step and on there are no more detailed photos, but the general ones.
Use Colorarte Silk Acrylics (gel medium based) to paint the leaves and the finished blossoms with the centre on them. 
 Make three strawberries using a mold  with Makin's Clay  white clay and paint them as shown.

8. Make the arrangement base from Makin's Clay Brown clay and  medium  4 pc new Flower shaped cutter. This piece is not really seen, so you can use any other  natural color too.

9. Arrange your leaves, blossoms and  berries as shown.
Cover them with glaze and enjoy your Spring project!

Products used:
Makin’s Clay® white
Makin’s Clay® brown, olive, yellow
Makin’s Professional®Roller and Cutters set®
Makin’s Clay® Professional Clay Tools® 
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat
Makin’s Clay® Cutters-3 pc Round, 3 pc Flower

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