Friday, 27 May 2016

Rebecca Baer tutorial

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Mixed Media tutorial made for Rebecca Baer blog with her most gorgeous stencils.
This time  I used two of small stencils that are pretty much the same style- kind of a Steampunk and I made a gift card hand made holder  using those delicious stencils.
Here is my tutorial for  you- easy to follow and easy to make if and when you have Rebecca Baer's stencils.
1. Use DecoArt Crackle Paste over Rebecca Baer Steampunk Pocket Watch small stencil and Stempunk Clcok stencil small on two  pieces of thick white cardstock. Let the crackle paste  to be totally dry and crackles well seen before you move to step 2.

2. Pick three deep vintage  colors of mists (I used Tattered Angels, but any brand will be good ) and mist the dry stencilled surfaces. Wipe the mist from crackled areas with baby wipe (don't do it with dry paper towel as it removes some crackles too ).

3. When your misted pieces are dry add some gold foil/leaves using DecoArt glaze. I don't have any special glue that  was specially made for gold leaves, but I found that glaze of any kind works perfect for this matter.
Let the gold leaves to be totally dry before you move to the next step.

4. As my pieces looked too bright I misted them both with golden mist to get this more mute look.

5. I didn't take photos of the next steps- any crafter can make this " book cover" shaped gift card holder wrapped with nice paper from outside and covered with another cardstock inside.
What I did for the next step was to cover the entire stencilled pieces with a thick layer of liquid clear resin. This step is essential, unless you what to feel all small  crackle paste pieces with your fingers. Let the glaze resin to be totally dry and then cut it to fit the gift card holder cover and glue both pieces from both sides as shown. Add the ribbon to close the holder.
 This is how it looks from the front side.

And this is this project's back side- pretty similar, but  still different.

And just one last close up to the crackle paste, gold leaves and the best ever stencil!

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