Sunday, 3 January 2016


Day 2 of my own TOP 10 FOR 2016.
Today I am going to share my most favorite art pages/art boards/canvases and this time it was not so easy: I have lots of good, even print published projects and it was pretty hard to pick the best of the best.
So here the first one- print published in Rubber Stamp Madness magazine:

 The second one was print published in Rubber Stamp Madness print magazine too:

This art piece was print published in December 2015 issue of UK Craft Stamper:

This canvas was print published in the  latest issue of Just Steampunk! magazine:

This piece was also print published in the very same issue of Just Steampunk magazine:

And now for pieces that I just like- without any print credits:

And the next one- canvas this time:

And now the double pages made inside the journal- hard to take good photos of those:

And one more:

The last, but not the leas- no paper canvas with lost of mediums and techniques:

That's it for ART pieces- see you tomorrow with my scrapbooking TOP 10. (Hope to find 10 good pages as i didn't scrap much last year)

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