Thursday, 28 January 2016

Fabric bag with Ann Butler and Canvas Corps

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Fabric post made for Ann Butler's blog.
Today I decided to make my own canvas tote. Maybe not to make it as it's a Canvas Corps one, but at least to decorate it over. And as I only have one tote and I was not sure about the results, I made the front canvas stamped piece just to glue it over the tote.
 So here is my tutorial and I hope you like my final project.

Step by step tutorial:
1. Cut a piece of Canvas Corps natural canvas to 10*10'' piece with good fabric scalloped scissors. Grab all possible Ann Butler's  Backgrounds Basics stamps from Clearsnap and begin your random stamping with Ann Butler's Blueberry Crafter's ink. I used both triangles and squares and just tried to arrange them with a bit of gaps that will be filled later with stiches' stamps.

This is not a step; just a close up to the stamped surface.

2. Now grab the full set of Ann Butler's Stitch stamps from Clearsnap and your Aquamarine Crafter's ink and add some stamped stitches in between the stamped triangles and squares.

3. The last step in stamping was to make this Limelight ink stitch around the piece and over and over the gaps.

4. Iron your stamped piece to make the ink permanent. Then glue it with fabric glue over the bag. I added adhesive lace to make the frame for the stamped piece.
And then added this fabric flower on the top. The handles were also embellished with fabric tape. And also it's " self adhesive" I added some fabric glue. Believe me this " self adhesive" thing is usually " non adhesive" after a few hours.
I think the result is very pretty. Don't you?

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