Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Happy Holidays ornament tutorial

I love Christmas, also as I am Jewish, we don't celebrate it. But part of my family lives in USA and I also have a lot of friends there, so I craft Christmas projects as gifts and I love to make some ornaments too. This one is a flat ornament made on a base of a chipboard frame with some more chipboards over it, but the background cardstock and all paints are CC only and 
with one single sheet of this cardstock you can make like a dozen of similar ornaments too.

Product list:
Cardstock- Canvas Corps
 Paints- Canvas Corps
Cord- Canvas Corps
Chipboards- Tando Creative
Glaze- Ranger
Embossing powders- WOW!

Step by step tutorial:

Paint the bare round frame chipboard with a thick layer of Ruby DIY paint and let it dry.

. Paint lower chipboard with a layer of Ebony DIY paint and let it dry

 Add a Happy Holidays tag on the back of your painted frame and glue it on the back of the frame.

 Paint the snowflakes chipboards with a thin layer of Crystal DIY paint and add a thick layer of 
white glitter over the wet paint. Let the paint dry.

5. Arrange the black painted chipboard and the white painted snowflakes over the red frame as shown and glue them over the frame. Add some Crystal paint drops over the frame and glitter 
them too.

6. Cover the inside of the frame and over the black chipboard with a thick layer of glaze. Let it dry for a couple of hours. Tie the piece of red waxed cord to finish your hand made ornament.

And one more look over the finished project. 

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