Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Altered hanger with Makin's Clay

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new Makin's Clay post!
Today I am going to share an altered/recycled project that became a lovely home deco piece.
I have this wall hanger for ages and I don't really like the cheap look of paper over it, also the roses are pretty. So with some work and some Makin's Clay I made a hanger that I do like and will use on my wall.

Step by step instructions:

1.Roll 20 gram of Terra Cotta and 20 gram of Brown Makin's Clay. Flatten it  with Makin's Roller to be used in Makin's Ultimate Clay machine.

2. Use your Makin's  Ultimate Clay machine  on setting #2 and make a mix that imitate wood. It should be the hanger size, around 3*4''.
3. Use wood grain texture from Makin's Clay texture sheets set D  over this piece and help yourself with Makin's Clay roller from the tool set.
4. Cut the textured clay with straight cutting tool from Makin's Clay proffessional clay tools set to fit the hanger as shown. Glue the clay " wood" over the hanger.

5. Use Leaves push mold , the roller and olive green Makin's Clay to make some leaves .

6. Use flower and bee molds to make 2 big flower and 2 bees with white clay. I used some Russian molds that work perfect with Makin's clay.Let then dry and trim the edges if needed.

7. Paint the leaves and flowers with Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents paints. Those paints are Gel Medium based and leave fantastic shiny look over Makin's Clay shapes. The only problem is that this paint has a very long drying time, not minutes, but even hours.

8. And now  for the finished project! I added heat embossed chipboard on the back and arranged those leaves, flowers and bees.
Close ups to the shapes- can't show the shine on those photos, but it looks gorgeous.

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