Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fabric vase tutorial

Canvas Corps Saggy Baggy bags are just perfect to make those easy and quick fabric vases with Stiffen Stuff spray. The spray bottle is huge and you can make dozens of bags in different colors with one single 8 OZ. bottle.The canvas/burlap flowers are the great add- ons for those bags and all you need is to embellish them to your style with more canvas, burlap, lace or other products. Once dry- the fabric vase is self standing and you can get your favorite shape while it's still half wet.

Product list:
1.Saggy Baggy Green CC
2. Canvas flower Red CC
3.Jolly Christmas Sayings CC
4. Lace CC
5.Metal flower, rhinestone- craft shop
6. Stiffen Stuff spray-Beacon's Adhesives

Step by step tutorial:
Step 1: Fill the fabric canvas bag with a lot of bubble wraps inside. Spray the fabric bag with Stiffer Stuff fabric stiffering spray.Put it over the piece of thick transparency as this spray is sticky. Add a lot of spray all over and don't forget the bottom part of the bag. 

Step 2: Put the bag as shown. Add more bubble wraps if needed as we want it to stand after the glue spray is dry. Arrange it in the position that you like and let it dry for a few(a lot) hours.

Step 3:Make a lace flower with a piece of burlap thread (and yes, you need a needle) and arrange the lace flower over the red canvas one as shown.

Step 4:Sew the red flower on the top/corner of your dry green baggy after you added some more embellishments to make your flower very pretty. Cut the sentiment tag from the cardstock and tie it to the Holidays Berries as shown.

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