Friday, 23 October 2015

Makin's clay Fall central piece

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Fall inspired Makin's Clay post.
When I think Fall- I think fall leaves. Nothing more as here in Israel  we don't celebrate any other Fall holidays. We don't even have a lot of rain. So falling leaves is my fall and this table central piece was made with tons of those leaves made from Makin's Clay with a lot of techniques too.
So here we go!
Step by step  instructions:
1. Use your Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® with disk #5 and your Makin’s Clay® in Peach and Meriot colors and make 2 similar round extruded pieces as shown,

2. Roll your extruded pieces as shown. Then  fold them into half and roll again.(not shown)

3. Mix Olive Makin’s Clay®  with white clay to get this  light olive color you see  on the left big piece.
Mix Green and Straw colors (in the step 1-2 way) to get the marbled look of the lower piece.
Mix Meriot and olive green to get the piece in the middle and so on.
Use your  Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® on setting #3 to get those piece of clay ready to be die cut.

4. Die cut all pieces of rolled clay with  your leaves' dies. I used two companies for this piece: the big leaves are cut with Sizzix and the smaller with Cherry Lynn Designs.
Let all your  die cuts to dry.

5. Arrange the dry leaves into a circular arrangement using a piece of white clay on the bottom.Use good clear glue to adhere the leaves over the bottom piece and one over another.
Paint them over with shiny paints (I used whatever I had, no special brand).
Try to arrange the large leaves on the bottom and then to move to middle and small sizes on the top.

6. I used the old , used red candle to be my stand.

7. You can also arrange the candle with your leaves into another bowl.

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