Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Gold is a new black: cast you golden jewelry

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my October project made for ETI blog.
This time I really messed at first, but then those lemons gave me a great lemonade.
So here is a story about the mess .
I wanted to make some amber color resin trinkets and beads and I was thinking about the amber part that I already casted in the past.
1.So I mixed a pretty large portion of Easy Cast Resin , like maybe total of 6 oz (3+3 of each part) and then in a second of  bad lighting I added Transparent Red dye into the whole mixture. 

2.So now it was a kind of red and  you don't have much to do, but to put it into your molds and to think it over when it's dry.And you don't have a lot of time to pick your molds or to use your Mold release. You need to move and move fast. So I picked two molds that don't need  any release medium and just filled them with the  this red transparent resin.

3. After like 24 hours those pieces were out and in a great , still red shape.

4. But as this red was dull and not interesting I decided to try gold paint that I had in my stash.
A few were light and non seen. Few were too thick and not nice looking over the resin. And that it was like " BINGO": very old, maybe 8 years old Spanish  liquid gold paint and it was a HIT!
2 seconds to dry over resin pieces and look how gorgeous this golden coverage looks!
And just to add: I don't get any free products from this paint company. I didn't even know they are from Spain; I just Googled them. But after 3-4 tries with well known USA companies  this Spanish gold is  GOLD!

5. As a next step I just arranged my  red- gold beauties into some wearable/useful trinkets.
Some were made as pendants. Some were made into magnets. One was done into a staple book mark.
I also painted all metal parts I used with the very same  liquid gold and as you see it looks like a real thing.
Each piece here was glued with a small mix of the very same ETI Easy Cast Resin and I added the same clear resin into this trinket with white pearls on the bottom.

Let me show you a few of them :

 And some more:

And a few more:

Now that I know how to make this golden glaze over resin pieces, I am sure I will use all other pigments colors and will have a nice trinket collection to use with my future projects.

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Shona Erlenborn said...

These are awesome Irit. Thanks for sharing and the step by step tutorial.

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