Monday, 12 October 2015

CC Baby book

This is a mini baby girl album made from one single 12*12'' cardstock with just 2 cuts and a few folds. At its finished form it need to be pretty flat, so only the cover can be a bit bulky. All product are from the Baby girl pad with a small add on of cardstock and use of nested dies for the cover.

Materials Used (please list products other than just CCB)1.Sugar and spice Mix and Match pad-CC
2.It's a girl sampler- CC
3.Little pages black on Ivory-CC
4.Hot pink and white mini dots reversed- CC
5.EFlut black- CC
6.Light pink burlap-CC
7.Hot pink rope-CC

Step 1Take Little pages black on ivory cardstock and score it in the middle into 5 7/8'' from each side making a " spine" of 1/4' in the middle. Now score it vertically to 1/3 and 2/3 and make 2 cuts as shown.Cut 1/8'' from the left upper and lower sections and leave the middle in the full size.

Step 2Cut 6 pieces from Hot pink and white cardstock and adhere them inside the basic cardstock as shown. Add paper cut sentiments in each rectangle on the bottom.

Step 3Make 12 tags from 3 different cardstocks from Sugar and Spice pad and add 12 month labels on the top. Arrange the tags by 2 over each one of 6 sections and connect them to the page with small Velcro dots.

Step 4Fold upper and bottom left flaps and embellish the back with punched embellishments from the pad.

Step 5Fold the upper and bottom right flaps into the middle of your album and embellish the last pages with circled cuts

Step 6Fold the open left section and your album is closed

Step 7Make the cover panel with different cardstocks using nested scalloped dies, black corrugated cardstock and light pink canvas and add the title.

Step 8Adhere the cover panel over the album. Add a metal staple hanger with a small baby charm on the top. Glue two pieces of pink rope to make the closure of the album.

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