Saturday, 26 September 2015

Happy Halloween jewelry with Makin's Clay

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to Makin's Clay Halloween month!
 Let me first say that I don't celebrate this holiday, but I sure love it.
 I love the colors, the images and the overall feeling of those ghosts, bats and pumpkins and I like them so much that I create a lot of projects using those images even without any tight connection to the main meaning of  Halloween. 
 So for this post I decided to  make a fancy scary necklace and those are the steps to make the very similar one if you like mine.

1. Using your Makin's  Ultimate Clay  Extruder and the disk with 5 round holes make 5 long  round strips from Makin's black Clay. For now let them all  air dry a bit and move to the second step.

2. With Makin's Clay Roller make a flat piece from black Makin's Clay (about 1/8'' thick). Make the texture with Brick and Waves texture sheet from Makin's Clay Texture set C. Now make a pendant shape with Makin's Clay cutter and I made it free hand. You sure can change the shape to more triangular or circular one if you like it more that way. Roll the  top of your hand cut shape to the back before it's dry and try to leave a space inside the rolled back to insert  your clay strings later. Now let it dry for a couple of hours and move to the next step.

3. Use Halloween B cutters set with another texture sheet from the very same set  over the black clay sheet and cut some Halloween shapes. Cut a couple of ghosts from white Makin's clay.
 I wasn't sure if I want black or white shapes over my necklace, so I made these and those and as I finally  used the white ghosts I used the left overs for another project. I only used one black bat on the top of the pendant later.

4.  Roll all 5 round strings  together and cover them with a mix of shiny pigments. 
I used Pearl Ex ones, but you can try any pigments you own. 
Cover the ghost with a thin layer of liquid resin /glaze and add some clear glitter and let it dry. Add a simple magnetic closure to the back with good jewelry glue.
 My tip: buy a cheap $1 store  jewelry piece with magnetic closure (bracelets usually cost around $1)  just to use their closure as at least here, in Israel, the closure only costs more than $1 for a piece.
Arrange your fancy scary necklace as seen  and enjoy!

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