Monday, 24 August 2015

Makin's clay School days presents

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new post made for Makin's Clay blog!
This month of August we were asked to made some Back to School projects and I made a few small school presents.
As my kids are all grown- ups and my grand kids are still very little, I  am really not sure what those school projects should be. But then, nice altered notebook and an altered pencils organiser can be great when altered with lovely Makin's Clay products.
So here is a small tutorial  and you sure can do it if you are also a paper crafter, like me, and have a die cutting device and some dies too.
I used #3 setting and it was just a try and the great fit for the die cutting the dry sheets of clay with a regular Cuttelbug that I own. So make a few pieces of  rolled clay on #3 setting and let them dry.

2. When your rolled clay is totally dry die cut it with a regular  thin metal dies in your regular die cutting machine. I used Spellbinders Book shaped labels and actually made a mix of colors and sizes.

3. Arrange 4 die cut clay piece by the size and by different color into two die cut books.
Glue all pieces with a good clay and then adhere  your clay books over the general notebook cover.
Those neon colors work perfect over the black/grey covers.
Now the part of your school gift is already done.

4. While waiting for your rolled piece to dry, used the Neon pack leftover to make some cut shapes and to embellish a container that will be used a your pencil holder.
I mixed my Neon clay left overs by hand and made a marbled mix that then was rolled with Makin's roller from Roller and Cutter set.
Do not over mix it! We really want this marbled look and not some muddy color.
Then use your small cutters and cut some lovely shapes. I used a few shapes from Flowers and Leaves cutter set.

5. Let your cut shapes dry and adhere them to the metal container that you like.
So easy to make and so lovely!
If you like the shiny look, cover the shapes with some glaze. 

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