Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mold and cast your own embellishments with clear stamps

Hello my dear crafty friends!
Irit is here again and this time I am going to show you how to make you own unique embellishment using a clear stamp you already have and some ETI products.
Lot of times we want to add a 3d embellishment and we only have stamps. Also it's possible  to make a good heat embossed stamped image and even to  make it like a 3d sticker, it's still a paper embellishment and not something like plastic or metal one. But with a few easy steps and a lot of waiting time we can do own own resin embellishments with any clear or rubber stamp we own. 

Supply list for casted piece:
Stamp- Inspired by Stamping Water Lily
Mold- Easy Mold Silicone Putty - ETI
Cast- Easy  Cast Clear casting epoxy ETI
Card supplies:
Cardstock, glitter cardstock: American Crafts
Stickers: Paper House Productions
Die: Spellbinders

 Step by step instructions:
1.  Make a mold with ETI Easy Mold Silicone Putty and a big clear stamp.
After you take the stamp out it stays a bit dirty (like you have purple stamp), but you can  easy clean it with dish soap and warm water.

2. Color the inside of you mold with shimmer pigments. If you ask why I decided to color it before the casting and not after the cast is done- here is the answer. Those pigments are non permanent. If we color  over the dry casted piece we need to use some glaze unless we want them to leave  pigmented colors all around. With this method of casting over the pigments , the pigments are casted inside the piece and the outer surface is crystal clean.

3. Cast the piece with  ETI Easy Cast Clear Epoxy , mixing  it according to manufacturer's advice. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. As this is a very thin layer it may take even more.

4.  Trim your casted piece with small sharp scissors (easy done as this is a thin casted piece and it's still a bit flexible after 24 hours). This photo shows the casted piece before it was trimmed.

5. Make you final project with your unique casted focal piece. I made a card where the lily is the focal point for frogs around and it's all about fairy tales and prince charming things.

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