Thursday, 4 June 2015

Splash yourself a 5 minutes card: tutorial with IBS

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new tutorial made with Inspired by Stamping great sentiment stamps and for IBS blog.
Previous month was a pretty busy one for me: my dear daughter got married; my only sister came  for the wedding from USA, where she lives; my second son cane from Spain, where he lives ; and so on and so on. So I just had a very limited time to make a tutorial and when I thought about it I  was thinking about all those very busy crafters around and decided to show you how you can make 5 minutes card for any occasion. So say Hello to my Splashed cards and I even made three (still very fast ones, but believe me, when you should take step by step photos, to edit them, to make a blog post etc, it's not so fast after all).
But then, those who just want to duplicate  my cards according to this tutorial, can make all three in like 20 minutes.
I used Ranger semi- gloss Mixed Media cardstock for all those cards here. You can try another cardstock, but it should be glossy or semi- gloss , at least for the alcohol inks techniques.
Card #1: Alcohol inks splashes with pressed air.
Pick some of your favorite alcohol ink colors and then get this Home store dust remover (it's just pressed air to clean your dashboards or another delicate devices).  Drop a few drops of each color over the cardstock and just blow with your pressed air over the drops. You will get those hilarious shapes and colors in just a second.

Card #2: Splashed Distress stains over the cardstock.
This time just touch the cardstock with a mix of Distress stains and you will get this fun background.

Cards #3: Wiped/ Water misted Distress inks splashes
First make the splashes  exactly as we did it on Card #2.
Now let's take some paint off the cardstock.

If you want to get a less saturated look of distress stains, you can wipe them with a baby wipe or to mist them with water spray and to let them dry a bit.
With both those techniques we get this mute, less saturated look.
And now for the finished cards. I just made the cards base and stamped the sentiment with permanent black ink. For the alcohol ink card I decided to stamp over a tissue paper (with the same ink) and to glue the stamped sentiment over the card with Gel Medium.  I decided to add the sentiment over tissue paper because I was afraid that we are not going to see the stamped sentiment over those very bright ink colors. You may not like the look, but this is a kind of a Mixed Media card where everything is right and  where there is nothing wrong.
I used Inspired by Stamping Just Because Sentiments set as I wanted a big sentiment. quite the same, but different and this set is just a perfect fit for such sentiments.
So here is Card #1- finished with stamped over tissue sentiment.

Card #2- finished- stamped direct to cardstock sentiment.

Card #3- finished- stamped direct to cardstock sentiment.

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