Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Many hearts , one love- Family with Rubber Dance

This is a post about experiments, art and thing in between. Sometimes you have an idea, work on this idea for a long time (wet- dry- wet- dry- gesso again and go on...), and then when the result comes it's not whatever you wanted to see.
 I tried to make another journal page and as much as I love the Rubber Dance stamped hearts from I heart Art set, I don't Heart my own art this time. But this is an art page. Nothing is  right or wrong when you make art journals. Just some things that come out of the heart. And it's after all about a family with many heart and one love.
 So let's say that sometimes your art pages go the " other way"- not the way you wanted them to be, but it's still your art!
Rubber Dance stamps used from I Heart Art stamp set.


Susanne Rose said...

Beautiful spread Irit!!! I love the colors.

Lee-Anne said...

Family...love...hearts...such a wonderful page, Irit! Love the colors!

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