Thursday, 14 May 2015

Memory game: Let's play my life- RSM SUMMER ISSUE

One of the happiest things for a crafter is to see our project in a print publication.
So this is my Happy May Day! Rubber Stamp Madness Summer 2015 issue and my art piece on pages 50-51.
Please read the article (if you see it) and you sure will undestand us : the fifty and something old people who moved to this Media  area . This piece is the core of our problem: we still miss those good old days when we played table games and didn't even new what Internet is. Those were those days!

 Stamps used:
Rubber Dance:
Bingo card,Pocket watch,Old receipt- from Collage elements 1 and 2 sets
Postal bird stamp from Vintage Birds set
Chair,Globe,Pocket watch  and a few more non much seen such as Lira from Vintage pieces set
Hot air Balloon from Sky is a limit set
 VLVS: Clock face
Cracked  background
Grunge numbers
Double coffee rings
Film strip
Torn paper
100 Proof Press:
The Way of life
Dominos set
Way of life
Camera 35 mm
 King card
 Ann Butler for Unity:
Herringbone background from Leaves all over 2'' Faux Quilting set

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