Thursday, 9 April 2015

Stamping tutorial for Inspired by Stamping

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new stamping tutorial made for Inspired by Stamping.
This is a second time I use Gel medium as a transfer and I think this is a cool easy and even cheap technique.
So here we go!
1. Pick a set of stamps or a big stamp you want to " transfer" into a 3d shape. I worked with IBS  lovely Summer Flowers set. Cover your stamps with a thick layer of a cheap Gel medium. Don't try to use some fancy branded one. They are all the same. Just wait over night until it's totally dry. And don't afraid to damage your stamps. Maybe you have some small white lines after  you peel off the dry medium, but it can be easy cleaned with a needle tool.

2. Now peel the dry images off the stamps and trim them a bit with any good scissors.

3. Pick your type of coloring tools (but not the pencils as we  really need some bright color on those shapes). My distress markers were whatever I have, so I worked with them and colored the dry plastic images as shown.

4. The next and the last step is easy: arrange your colored transfers as you wish. I decided to make a kind of small deco and arranged the flowers over acrylic board.
I just added one small sentiment sticker on the corner and my little piece of art was done. You can spray with a fixative if you wish for a glossy permanent look. I didn't do it as it's hard to take " glossy" photos.

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