Monday, 20 April 2015

Sing , Love, Fly: art board with Makin's clay, Rubber Dance and Tando

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my very first post made for Makin's Clay DT.
I know that clay  is mostly connected to small figurines or jewelry piece. But as I am a Mixed Media artist I am going to show you that clay can be used for Mixed Media pieces too.
So here is my art deco made over a long thick white chipboard.
First I made the background with Tando Creative stencils and texture paste. Then, after it was totally dry I added some paints, inks and mists to color this background and now it was a time for my clay adventure.
First I mixed Earth tones clay  pieces of Makin's Clay using this great mixing Makin's Clay Mixing Ruler.
Makin's clay comes in a wide range of colors , but you can make it even wider with this Clay Mixing ruler. I used Earth tone colors Adobe Brown and Light Adobe to make this " wood" color.

Next I made those " wooden" strips using Makin's Ultimate Clay Extruder. I don't yet own one, but then I do have a lot of crafty friends and so I got the tool to use and  I sure need  one for myself.
I made " wood" pieces with 7 dots disc and then arranged then to a funky fence.

As the next  step I decided to flatten the fence a bit and used Makin's roller from the Roller and Cutter set. 

From here you are not going to see more " step by step" photos as this post begins to look like a 700 pages novel. So here are the next step in a " fast mode":

I made another tall fence as the base of the branches with the same " wood" color and the same technique.
Then I moved to  another extruder disk and another color mixing.
I made green mix of clay with Green, Terra Cotta and a bit of natural color and used 12 holes disk to make my " grass" strips.
The strips were totally thin and already curled, so I just made those short and tall grass and flatten it with my roller. Using some gel medium I glued those (not yet dry ) piece over my textured board and let them dry overnight.
As the next step I misted all the piece with light golden mist and my clay pieces  got this shine effect on the top.

 The next part of clay work was a fun!
 I mixed some reddish colors with Red, white and yellow clays and made some flowers using Makin's Florals Push mold. The colors were still too bright for my taste, so I added a bit of distress inks over the dry molded flowers.

Next the leaves were made with a mix of Olive, white, green and some brown clays and molded in Leaves push mold. Again, for my style of crafting, the colors were too bright and I had to mute them with a bit of white gesso and some light distress inks.
All the leaves and flowers were arranged over the background grass and fences and this piece was almost done.
But not yet done. Art piece should have some " saying". So I stamped this " Sing, Love, Fly" words using Rubber Dance  A little Birdie stamps from this gorgeous set  and  as I was  into the stamping, some leaves and birds were stamped over the board too.

This is a final project and I think it's a good  Mother's day gift to my Mom (also she would probably want  some " real thing" )

Hope you liked my post and my Makin's Clay project and see  you next month!

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Susanne Rose said...

Wow!!! What a great job!

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