Monday, 27 April 2015

Make wearable art from your mistakes

Hello my dear crafty friends! 
This is Irit here again and this time with a story. This is a story of making mistakes and then re- making them into something nice. Kind of from " trash to treasure" thing, but it's my trash and my own treasure after all.
It's a crafty way to take your mistakes to another level and to think about them as a way of  your own creativity development.
So this how it was at the beginning: I decided to make a bunch of casts with ETI Resin jewelry mold and to add stamped images on the back. For this technique I needed the very clean and clear casts and I was sure I am going to get them. So I used Casting Crafts Mold release conditioner  spray and waited over night  for my dry mold.
Seams to be right? So I thought.

Then I  mixed the Easy Cast resin and I worked by book. Sort of. On the way something went wrong and my casts  very so full of little bubbles that it looked white. I am still not sure  what went  wrong on the way.
 I worked  by the book. I mixed it for the right time. I made it two steps. I used a torch to heat the bubbles out.  Maybe it was cold in the room? I am not sure, but the only thing I can think about was the room temperature and I forgot to warm the bottles in hot water. So here it was- good casted pieces in this  white bubbled color that were not good for my original idea. But  then I live in Israel and I can't get products without waiting 4 weeks for their shipping. I can't let it go to the trash bin. No way! I need Plan B.

And my plan B was to color the milky pieces and to stamp over them and then to connect them into double sided charms. And lucky me- it worked! Almost...(This is a time for the sad face icon...)
Some alcohol inks, small nice butterfly stamp  from  RUBBER DANCE ANTIQUE BOTANICALS SET with permanent black ink and my pieces were magically   reborn.

Here you still can see the milky back of one of the pieces.Bubbles- bubbles- bubbles everywhere.

Now I found this " my"  way to connect those pieces  into a wearable shape. Yes, I mixed a bit more of Easy cast to glue the wires inside. 24 hours of waiting again.

 And my finished necklace was really  pretty before I made another mistake! Huge one.
 I used Resin Spray Clear Gloss Finish over alcohol inks. And I lost the brightness and  a lot of paint in the process. BIG NO! When you use alcohol inks don't use resin sprays! But then this whole piece was a lesson .  Good one. Long one. And I am happy to share it with my readers.

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