Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Inspired by Stamping tutorial

Tutorial made with Inspired by Stamping stamps
 Box card
1. To make this card we need a simple template I am going to add here for you. Use 12*12'' cardstock and cut a piece measured 12*5 3/4 '' size. Score it vertically 4 times on 3 3/4'' sections, so you will have 4 rectangles and one strip on the edge. Score it again horizontally on 2 1/2'' from the top. Now cut as shown on the template with red line. Fold all blue lines to make a box and glue it using the strip. Fold the green line 
as shown. The base of your cards is done.

And now for the rest of our crafting.
2. Cut 4 rectangles that fit the lower sections, inks the edges and glue them over the lower part of the box.
3. Cut 8 smaller rectangles, ink the edges and adhere them over the flaps: 4 pieces over the upper side and 4 pieces inside the box.
4. Make two strips about 4 3/4'' long of the same basic cardstock. Fold 1/2'' on each side of each strip and glue them inside the box.
5.Stamp the label image from Princess stamp set with light green ink; heat emboss it with clear embossing powder and die cut with a similar IBS die. Stamp the crown with Princess word inside and glue on the front flip. 
6. Die cut the smaller label, stamps the sentiment and adhere on the first glued strip.
7. Adhere some chipboard roses stickers – or stamp some IBS flowers if you have more time- over the second inside strip.

8. Stamp the castle, hand cut it and glue it on the back of the box. Stamp a dress and the slippers, hand cut them and glue on the left flap. Add some other embellishment or stamp something else over the right flap.

And the closed- to mail it- card

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