Monday, 1 July 2013

Word art on wood : GJS tutorial

Hello, my dear GJS friends! Irit is here today and my small tutorial for you today will explain how to add titles and words over your wooden album page. I am pretty sure there are much more options, mediums and possibilities, but I just picked a few that were the good fit for this Fence wooden album page. All of my techniques are Mixed Media technique using different mediums. So let begin.

Intro: Take you old and forgotten stickers and adhere them to the wooden page. I used self- adhesive kind for my words Explore and Create, foam thickers for the word Hope. Then I made a die cut with Die- Versions Memories die and glued the negative only (this particular die doesn't have a bottom strip, so I just added a strip of a double sided glue to make the lower border.2 more die cut words (Die- Versions again) were added over and under the word Hope for 2 more different techniques to use.

And now for the techniques:

1. Clear embossing ink and heat embossing powder

Wipe the clear embossing pad over the word. Sprinkle the powder and heat emboss it. Peel off your letters. You can see a nice wooden word (will be colored later)

2. Black marker outline

Take a fine black permanent marker and outline the big letters inside and around. Any kind of big letters will work for this technique (chipboards, fabric, stickers etc). Peel off the foam letters and leave it as is (will be colored later)

3. Gel medium coverage

Pick a clear gel medium (I used Ranger) and cover the Love die cut generously over. Let it dry (long drying time) and peel off the stickers. You will get a nice texture that will be colored later.

4. Gesso over the stickers

Cover the Create word with a generous gesso layer and let it dry. This technique can be made with molding paste, black gesso, colored gesso or colored molding paste. Peel off the stickers for the future coloring.

5. Gesso over negative die cut

Make the same gesso coverage over the negative die cut of Memories and let it dry. Peel off the die and the glue strip. Can be made with black gesso, colored gesso, molding paste and any other thick medium.

And now when your wooden piece looks like this spray it with a mix of 2-3 mists to get a colored look as I did here. You sure can use watercolors, acrylic colors or any other color over this piece, but mists are fast and I just love to use them when I am short in time.

And here is my final finished piece: this will be backside cover of my new  Fence GJS album I am going to share later this month in this blog.(During the misting my word Think was to wet and kind of lost in the process)

See you again in a few weeks!

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