Sunday, 21 July 2013

Be happy or how to make your own silhouette stamps

 I love silhouette stamps! I think it's very easy to work with this kind  of stamps and very effective.
So when I don't have them, I just make them. Period. I try to find a stamp with some kind of a silhouette and then, after I stamp it with black permanent ink, I just  color  the whole image over with a good permanent black marker.
That's exactly how this card was made.

One 100 Proof Press Boy Daydreaming and a randomly, partially stamped Spring  Bouquet ; 4 mists form Lindi's stamp gang; some solid cardstock and a few small letter stickers. One delicious Faber Castell Artist black pen! This is a must!
10 minutes and a card. Or an art piece. Or something you can be proud to show as nobody will know how fast it was done.

So go and do it!
 Pick your favorite stamp and make your own silhouettes!

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