Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There is a season for everything... And a lot of work too..

This is a kind if " never finished" project, or at least I still have about 12 pages to add to this one. I used this " There is a season for everything" Bible quote and I am just in a process of it. I only made the cover and about 4 pages, but the concept is to add more and more  Mixed Media pages to this self- made with Bind-It-All project (it opens from the top and from both sides and the reason I used the huge wire on the top is that it will be very fat after I finish it all.

The Zutter acrylic 8*8 cover was stamped all over and I added this Tando Creative fantastic clock chipboard.The lower cover was painted with Tim Holtz distress stains, stamped with Unity clock stamp  and then I added some bubble wrap white paint stamping.
I made just 4 pages for now (will add more in time, maybe one a month)
The pages I made are Time to love, time for peace, time to plant and time to sew. I didn't make all " bad" thing yet (like time to die?)

And the back chipboard- 8*8 size - it's like a back cover with a title
You can see it covered with acrylic front here

Rest of the pages will come... Sometimes...

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Claire Spielman said...

Wonderful....each page is so interesting and full of details!

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