Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Stamping with Big Brushes tutorial

In this short tutorial, made for my Inspired by Stamping DT , I decided to show how to use Faber Castell Design Memory Crafts  Big Brushes and Gelatos on stamping  and not the usual inks and distress stains. The overall technique is the well known and loved masking, but the use of an uncommon coloring  materials makes it  more interesting.
So here we go!
Step 1
Grab your Elegant flowers stamps , your dirty clear acrylic block (in my case not so clear, as I clean it maybe twice a year), you Red set of Faber Castell  Design Memory Crafts  Big Brushes (the only set I own and I have one green , I sure need more) and a pre- made tag. You can make your own tag, but as far as I have some, I use my  Ranger's ones. Stamp all 3 roses  on some scrap cardstock and cut them to use as your masks. Some of us keep those masks for a future use and even laminate them. Not me. I am a very messy and unorganized stamper, so I most probably never find  those masks later. Anyway, the chance to use the same stamp in  a real time is  close to zero, so I  make them for the particular project only.

Now add the Brush  ink over the biggest Rose stamp as shown. This is a kind of a permanent ink and it's pretty much dry in 5 seconds, also we do need some heating later as it bleeds with water.

Stamp the rose on the corner. Now a quick reminder : when you make masking, stamping the upper image is the first one you stamped. So if I want the biggest rose to be the upper one on my tag I need to stamp it first and so I did.

Step 2
Adhere the largest rose mask with some  non permanent tape as shown. Believe me or not, but I use this drugstore paper tape as it's cheap and always at home.

Stamp the second rose , using another color of Big brush, over the masked largest rose and from the both sides. Leave your mask as is, we will use it later.

Now cover the upper rose  with  your second  rose mask and stamp the smallest rose over it as shown .Stamp a partial image of the smallest rose over the large corner rose (your mask is still over the image).Leave all masks  in their place as we are not done yet.

Step 3
Stamp  your leaves stamp with Green Big Brush over the upper rose and in the middle.

Our stamping is over and now for some water fun.
Step 4
Pull some Faber Castell's DMC Gelatos, try to figure the colors that work best with your images and spread 2 lines of each color over the non sticky mat.

Add some water . I added too much, but it still works.

Grab your tag over the watered paints and do it a few times. This paint is very delicate, so we just make a mute and light coloring and then I mixed it with fingers. And yes, my fingers are pretty much dirty when I craft, but this is a water color and you can clean it in a second.

Your tag is done. Heat it with any heat gun or just let it dry in the sun , then iron it if you want (or not... ). And now you can use your finished tag as a part of your card as I did here or to keep it for a future use on your altered project or scrapbooking page

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