Monday, 21 May 2012

Welcome to your Food Boat 7/24

Yes, cruise can be a clear anti- diet thing. You just eat as much as you can and even more. So this vacation page is about a cruise, but mostly about me became fatter.

So I made it with Lily Bee products and sketch, and some Tando chipboards. I even made an origami boat and it's not a Love Boat, it's a Food boat for sure.I also added 2 resin birdies from Handmade Halo shop on the left top corner and a crown glass pebble from Handmade Halo over the compass on the lower right corner as we were treated as Royalties  on the cruise.

Also we had a great time there.

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Bonnie Brown said...

Love your page!! The birds are adorable!! Love the colors too!!

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