Friday, 17 December 2010

Hannukkah card and tag

This card and tag were made for my weekly post on Cheery Lynn blog- so you can read about the supplies and techniques there.
Also Hannukkah is over this year- but still it's a Holiday season- so I decided to do this couple of items after all.
Just for a short explanation:
8 is for 8 days of Hannukah lights, the Menorrah(we call it Hannukkia) is 8 candles adn one cllaed Shamash that we use to lighten all other candles- so it's 9 on the card, the brick embossed wall is for the Temple wall as this Holiday is about the oil found in the Temple and a small dreidel on the corner is the favorite kids toy for this Holidays.

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Anonymous said...

You do such a great job on those tags. They are so small yet you still fit so much of a story on them. Wow! I love your projects this week!

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