Thursday, 1 April 2010

New month and my new publications

April is here and my work was published in 3 web magazines
Scarpbooking news and review published my 6 los and one card
This one is a paid magazine- but it's great- so make a trial for a month and see if you like it
Scrapstreet discovered me on Discovery drive as I was never published in this magazine before and they did a whole article about my work here
This one is a free magazine- so read and enjoy every month!
They also published my other 3 pages in 3 other articles- now after I " was discovered" I have even more future publications there- next time these are cards, altered and 2 los too.
My 3 pages with articles were published in Scrapbooking. com this month-
here are the links- this magazine is free- enjoy!!
Just think- I had 16 publications in one month- it was a hard job to put all these
product lists all together, to do some articles and then to take most of these work out of some blogs too..I am just out of my " submit to be published " mojo now.. Don't think I can do it again all together in such a short period of time... I am going to submit 1-2 works to each magazine every month from now- not more.. I need time for books- TV- DH- myself...


einat109 said...

היי עירית
איזה יופי שאת מתפרסמת יותר ויותר
חג שמח

Shar said...

Awesome! Congrats! Off to check them out!

CuddlyBunny said...

Your creations are AMAZING ... you deserve the attention!

מימס mimms said...

כל הכבוד יקרתי, את כטבשת את עולם המגאזינים הסקראפיים באינטרנט!ץ
קראתי את הכתבה בדיסקאברי התמונות והעיצובים בסקרפבוקינג
של אמא שלך ביום הנישואין ושל שתיכן
פשוט נפלאות !!ץ

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