Saturday, 18 July 2015

Ann Butler's and Deflecto blog hop

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to Ann Butler's and Deflecto blog hop.
Ann Butler's team got a couple of clear frames to alter. I need to say that I ruined the smaller one trying to use texture paste over stencils and  I didn't really love the result.
So I moved to Plan B and this was " make something cute and easy that anyone can make and try not to ruin the second piece too".
And this  large Deflecto frame is what I made after all.
I used medical tape (kind of thick washi white tape) and colored it with Ann Butler's Crafte's inks from Clearsnap. 4 colors were used here: Berry, Sunshine, Aquamarine and Limelight.
With the very same colors I inked  some small bare wooden buttons and after those were totally dry, I added them over the tape.
The inside piece is my tribute to this " Keep Calm" slogans all over the web. My way to see it became to 
"Keep Calm and.... whatever" and I really like my own slogan.

And this is a kind of " less is more" project after all. I like the colors of the frame and I would use it  as a part of my home decoration.
And here is the list of all designers on this hop:


PriMarilynLy Paper said...

This is a really fun design! The "Whatever" is perfect for us creative types! The use of tape is very cool. I love the color intensity you got from the inks.

Unknown said...

Great design, Irit! :)

Beth Watson said...

LOVE the colors and the clean design, Irit!

Steph Ackerman said...

Great project Irit.

Unknown said...

Irit, simple but yet so stunning! Love it.

Ann Butler said...

Irit I love this project, it is something I would have in my Studio, thanks for the inspiration and for being part of the hop!

Muffins and Lace said...

Irit I think I will use this as my new moto. I love it. I actually forgot about using medical tape. Awesome! Thank you for being a part of the hop. :)

Zoey | Scrapsaurus said...

AWWW!! I want this on my office desk!!! LOL!!!
What a fun project!

Vishu said...

How it.

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